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A FUNDAMENTALLY NOVEL IDEA, US PATENT 10045514 for cats and their owners:

Multi-purpose adapter with complex feline activity devices, called to help and protect.

The original, unique, unified design for feline entertainment and life, is designed to meet the needs of both cats in their activity, and their owners in creating a hospitable interior of their housing.

Originality and unification consist in a large set of interchangeable mounts to various surfaces, as well as in a wide range of interchangeable fixtures for cats. Also included in the project is a modular cat tree - a constructor with cat "nests" and shelves.

At the market for products for cats presented a great many different devices. But there are no similar designs in terms of originality and unique on the market like this project. The project involves the production and subsequent sale, sale of finished products. This development covers the demand for such products and can successfully compete with existing products. First of all, with its comfortably quick, easy installation and ease of use, as well as its original, natural, personal, aesthetic appearance. Mounting of the adapter does not require the use of special tools.

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This new development has not yet been made, and has not yet been introduced to the market. It is for the implementation of this very useful development into life that financial assistance is required. Funds are needed to finance a startup of a production project. All full necessary financial calculations and production engineering design documentation are available. There is also a package of agreements with manufacturers of components for the product.

The development includes a multi-purpose adapter, unified for installing a wide range of mounts on all household surfaces of the interior of residential premises. Also, the development includes the original design of a cat tree for climbing, and shelves - nests.

The multi-purpose adapter project is designed to create a comfortable natural living environment for cats at home, and to meet the needs of the comfort of the owners of cats in protecting various surfaces from damage by cats when scratching claws.

The universal multi-purpose adapter has no analogues on the market. On to the adapter can be installed scratching lath pads for sharpening claws, nests - shelves, laths for climbing, and other gaming devices

The versatility of the adapter allows to mount it in a variety of places to protect it from scratching cats. Removable scratching lath pads with, as well as interchangeable mounts to surfaces add even more attractiveness and create an additional opportunity to sell replaceable parts to the adapter.

The target audience for Multi-purpose adapter is specifically cat owners, who wish protect their furniture and to give their pets opportunity to scratch claws a scratching post that is not only useful but also aesthetically pleasing

The research and analysis of the product market confirms that no new offers have appeared in this market segment for a long time. The product range is presented exclusively by outdated designs.

Advantages of patent development: wide application focus - both for scratching claws, for protecting furniture and other household surfaces; the ability to install adapter on any surface; removable scratching lath pads; unified removable mounts for any surfaces; a modular cat tree, allows to assemble a tree of any custom configuration;

Although the market is highly competitive, we believe that there is a place for high-quality, attractive, durable, novel and affordable products.

Our goal is to fill the market with affordable, practical, and useful products for both cats and their owners.

Our goal is to manufacture and market products that will entertain cats, help their owners keep their furniture intact and stand the test of time.

This project is new, experimental, open to advice, wishes, suggestions, comments, recommendations, and constructive criticism

This project is looking for investor